Take baby bump photos yourself: 5 important tips

How to take perfect baby bump couple photos?

The time of pregnancy is a very special time. That is why many mothers absolutely want to capture their baby bump in photos. You can of course get this valuable reminder of the unique pregnancy in a professional photo shoot 

Table of Contents

  • Tip 1: time of photo shoot
  • Tip 2: choice of location
  • Tip 3: naturalness
  • Tip 4: Matching outfit & accessories
  • Tip 5: Photographic information

Tip 1: time of photo shoot

The time is crucial for fascinating baby bump pictures. It is important that the baby bump is clearly visible. The belly of a pregnant woman looks particularly beautiful when it is spherical. Accordingly, the last trimester of pregnancy is an excellent time to get impressive pictures of the mother’s baby bump.

But don’t wait too long: Some women develop stretch marks and water retention in the last few weeks of pregnancy, which can destroy the aesthetics of the wonderful moment. In addition, the women can no longer move so smoothly in front of the camera. Therefore, a baby bump shoot between the 30th and 36th week of pregnancy makes sense. Every woman has to assess for herself when the right time for such a shoot has come. You can also put a collage on a picture every week of pregnancy.

Tip 2: choice of location

As an expectant mother, you can choose the place or place where you feel particularly comfortable and which suits you. If baby bump pictures are to be taken in the great outdoors, the season plays a decisive role.

In summer it is no problem to take beautiful photos. The perfect lighting conditions are important. Especially in the morning or late afternoon, the light is most beautiful and flattering for the baby bump pictures. At lunchtime, however, the light is usually too bright. However, expectant mothers can also use the midday sun specifically for silhouettes of the baby bump.

In the cold season, however, it is advisable to move the photo shoot indoors. It is advisable to take pictures during the day when it is bright. It is important that the pictures do not appear posed. Naturalness is very pleasant, especially for pictures with pregnant women. Is the sofa the favorite place of the pregnant woman, so why not simply choose the woman on the sofa with a cup of tea as the motif? Or how about a photo in bed?

Tip 3: naturalness

It is very important that you do not pretend to be an expectant mother. It is nice when the picture exudes a certain calm and confidence. A nice smile always looks nice in the photo. Many women don’t want to look at the camera. How about a picture in profile? Or just the baby bump can be photographed.

A special eye-catcher is a baby bump picture in front of the mirror. After the birth this picture can be repeated – only with the baby in her arms.

Tip 4: Matching outfit & accessories

The focus of photography is clearly on the baby bump. The right outfit could be, for example:

  • bare stomach with crossed arms or hands over the breasts
  • wide blouses that open under the chest
  • tight-fitting clothes so that your baby bump can really stand out.

Under no circumstances should boredom arise when viewing the pictures. How about, for example, if small baby shoes or the child’s first cuddly toy can be seen in the photo? Or how about when the child’s letters are placed on the stomach and thus become an eye-catcher? Colorfully painted wooden letters are suitable for this. It is also possible to paint a smiley face with sunscreen or a message on the bare baby bump and capture it forever in the picture.

Other ideas for design elements:

  • Your hands and that of your partner on the baby bump
  • Indirect view or image slightly from the side for a dreamy, fairytale effect
  • Black and white processing of the image for better contrasts
  • Also use square picture formats
  • Use image processing effects (color key) for better dynamic in the image
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