Ontario Best Maternity Photography Tips

I am Ontario best Maternity Photographer. I have been a photographer of the most beautiful memories of a lifetime, including the pregnancy and birth photo shoot.

To immortalize a round belly, expectant mothers hesitate and ask themselves many questions.

Whose  “dare I show my belly?” Should I pose naked or in lingerie?

My belly is not as beautiful as on its site I prefer not to do it ?! “
Sure Stars are shown in sexy styles, without any defect, and on top of their pregnancy.
But it is often retouched and taken at the best time.
It is to have the best memory that the photos are always improved, and often at the request of mothers.
But rare are the women who have a “perfect” belly.

So I want to explain to you that you absolutely must not feel guilty or complex on your stomach.

The marks that can indeed be caused by a pregnancy is the sign of life, we all have more or less present.

But as a Ontario best Maternity Photographer I guide you, reduce or hide certain elements so that you keep “perfect” photos

to show your loved ones!

To get beautiful photos here are some tips and answers to your questions:

When to do a photo shoot with Ontario best Maternity Photographer ?

What I recommend is to do it around the 6th to the 8th month.

The ideal is to plan it as soon as your belly is round enough and you like it.

You will then feel better with your pretty belly.

Often we want to wait until the end, sometimes it’s best especially when we are very thin and have gained very little weight, then the belly is not really round until the end.

But often the last month we are much more tired, each effort or position is more complicated, and the skin undergoes more visible pregnancy marks: stretch marks, visible veins, pregnancy mask.

Of course the goal of coming to photos with a professional Ontario best Maternity Photographer is that he camouflages his possible “faults”,

but you will feel better if you have none or few during the photo shoot.

What elements should you plan for your session?


There is therefore no obligation to pose naked or in lingerie.

A pregnant woman has visible curves even when dressed, so we play with shadows and lights, we prepare tight-fitting outfits to mark the stomach and accentuate the silhouette.

Fluid dresses also allow games of form to mark the upper round belly but camouflage any complexes placed below!

Remember not to provide only black and white and take a little color to bring cheerfulness.

Then if you want to show your belly just provide a headband for the top and a pregnancy skirt or pants for the bottom.

In general I take many photos framed only on the stomach so the photos are more related to the baby and not identity.

For those who want to bring a sexy touch then lingerie is welcome, a nice set allows photos both full of sweetness and sexy. Some people want to dare to take photos in mid-naked with games of implied meaning, don’t hesitate to ask me!

The main thing is that you are comfortable, yourself, so that the photos look like you.


Remember to show off, a little makeup, a nice hairstyle and pretty nails


Remember to take the elements that concern the future baby: comforter, stuffed animals, slippers, first name letters …

Anything that could bring a personalized touch to your photos.

Even for your outfit veils, ribbons, necklaces, or other items that you like.

So we can choose locally what will be best.


Alone or accompanied?

The photo shoot can of course take place with the father and any brothers and sisters, on the contrary.

So the whole family is gathered to show the expectation of the future baby.

So some series are made alone, and one with the family.

At that time, being Ontario best Maternity Photographer, I recommend dressing in the same style.

That is to say that it is much prettier if the whole family is in the same tones, if there is a touch of color as a reminder, with matching accessories.

Not necessarily all dressed the same even if it can also be nice!

It is according to your tastes and desires …

Why do a photo shoot with a professional photographer rather than alone at home?

Of course you must keep pictures of the complete evolution of your pretty round belly, these are the only memories you will have of your pregnancy!

With a professional you will be able to have poses, plays of light, staging more worked and which will enhance your figure while camouflaging any flaws. The goal is to put you in confidence, from your best angle and that you will be more beautiful than ever!

In addition, with software, I edit the photos so that you keep the best memory and have pictures of your belly as pretty as possible.

All my formulas allow you to choose the photos you want me to touch up, you see them “before” and then I deliver the edited version on CD.

I soften and camouflage small defects: dark circles, pregnancy mask, visible veins, ascent, stretch marks …

Only you can also take pictures of the evolution of your belly.

It is not easy to take a photo session every month with a photographer.

But there are possibilities without overloading the bill with several photo sessions:

Whether it’s an adapted personalized quote or a pack with evolving sessions.

For prices, they vary depending on the duration of the photo shoot and the number of images submitted.

Do not hesitate to come back to me for a formula that suits you.

In the studio or at home?

Depending on your desires and possibilities, the photo shoot can take place at my studio or at home depending on the location.

The ideal is to provide a bright place with a few accessories for more personalized photos.

In the studio you can have more elaborate lighting effects, there are no worries about the schedule depending on the sun. In short you will be going to enjoy your best memories with Ontario best Maternity Photographer.

At home it allows you to be in the room of the future baby and the house of your little family, but you have to adapt the hours of the session according to the light.

Outdoors you can have beautiful places that suit you and look like you: sea, countryside, city … and that bring a soul to the images.

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