Newborn Photographer Toronto: Pro Tips

Course of the session: A newborn photo session is generally 3 to 4 hours of session. So that means a lot of patience :-). Personally I enjoy taking pictures with very small babies. My ideal age for this type of photo is 6/7 days. It is not imperative that the baby sleeps during the whole session. You can start the session with photos with your eyes open, with the baby on your back for example.

Safety: We can never talk enough about safety for newborn sessions. A baby of this age is unpredictable, even if he seems asleep he can startle at any time. It is up to you to be vigilant and to involve parents in this vigilance. Never lose sight of the baby. And don’t forget that many of the photos you see on the internet are from photomontages. Not all babies accept all positions. Respect the baby and do not force him to do certain positions if his body does not want it. Remember that each newborn session is different because each baby is unique.
Studio lighting: I work in continuous light with 2 softboxes. I don’t use live flash on the baby.

Retouching: Don’t hesitate to ask parents what they want in terms of image processing and retouching. We are too likely to see photos that have been retouched and smoothed. Some parents want natural photos and want to keep the small skins on their fingers or feet, for example, that characterize newborns so much.

Baby and his parents: Explain clearly to the parents that you will keep pace with the baby and that it is baby who will dictate what he wants or does not want to do. It is up to you to adapt to the baby and not to the baby to adapt to you 🙂 If the baby is too nervous it is better to reschedule the session.

One last piece of advice : when you sell a photo shoot, you also sell them an experience. Make this moment unique by making them live an unforgettable moment. The photos you take are testimony to the best moments of their lives and you will help to engrave them in the history of their family.

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