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How to properly prepare my pregnancy photo shoot ? What style of photo to achieve? What should I plan for outfits? Can I pose with my spouse or my children? When I am contacted for a pregnancy photo shoot in my photo studio , the questions that come up are often the same. Here are some Ontario best pregnancy photographer in 2020 tips.

It is for this reason that I took the time to write this article for future moms who want to take pretty pictures of their pregnancy . You will find a wealth of valuable advice on how to prepare yourself. Good reading!


Ontario best pregnancy photographer in 2020

Your belly is rounded and it is not always easy to find clothes that enhance you. As for maternity clothes, let’s face it, it’s not always very fun! However, it is useless to spend money. 

You can pick up some simple clothes from before your pregnancy in your wardrobe. For example: A long dress in an extensible material, a loose sweater, your favorite jeans that we will keep buttonhole open with a tank top … Also think of the favorite shirt of the man! ^^ Keeping it open with pretty underwear will be sublime.

If you want to treat yourself to prepare for your photo shoot , opt for the purchase of pretty underwear or a pretty negligee. Know, that I put multiple curtains at your disposal , to accessorize your underwear and obtain a more artistic rendering.

If you want to highlight your origins, do not hesitate to bring a traditional outfit.

You can also bring some jewelry that is close to your heart or that has sentimental value. I am thinking, for example, of the famous pregnancy jewel: the bola .

As for the colors of the clothes, stay on timeless. By this I mean, simple clothes in sober colors that will cross the ages. White, beige, gray, black or soft colors.

 To ban: clothes with badges, brand logos and flocking, please! If you like prints, opt for a striped sweater that’s more fun 🙂 Gentlemen, if you also pose, make an effort not to deviate from the rule! Besides, think of matching the colors and styles of your clothes for a beautiful unity. 

For my part, I have a preference for photos in lingerie or the artistic nude . With beautiful lighting on a black background to highlight your new silhouette, the rendering will be sublime. I sincerely invite you to do a series like this during your photo shoot. You will be very happy to have this memory for you.

Please note that I always send a  complete brochure  which describes all my services and details the different photo sessions. Then, when sending the contract, I send my clients an information booklet that allows them to prepare well as well as a checklist that allows them to find their bearings and to facilitate all the steps before and after the photo shoot at the studio.

Find more information on preparing for your pregnancy photo shoot: here


Ontario best pregnancy photographer in 2020

Do not be afraid to come alone, if the gentleman is not ready! Treat yourself ^^ You will be the star!

Conversely, if it is a couple approach, some portraits of the two of you and why not one or two close-up photos, more symbolic of your hands around the belly will be nice shots to take.

Your children are also welcome 🙂 However, if you also want to take pictures as a couple , ask a third person to accompany you if your child is still small. I think you will also be more focused and relaxed if you know it is accompanied. If he is old enough to take care of himself it is perfect! 


I tell you straight away:  “Trust your Ontario best pregnancy photographer in 2020! “ . You have normally already seen his work on his site and if you contacted him it is not for nothing. Guiding you is part of our job.

If you want to guide him to your tastes, you can send him a few photos (I did say a few ^^ of the kind two or three). Warning ! Do not think that you are going to copy / paste these photos of examples found on the internet. These photos were not taken by your photographer and it is not you in these photos!

Attention this site makes addict !!!


The th month of pregnancy is ideal. You will have an already well rounded stomach and you will not be too tired yet. However, I usually say to expectant mothers: “You decide! “You can achieve the 6 th month of pregnancy (instead recommended also for twin pregnancies) or later if you are fit.Pregnancy photo gallery


We have already talked above about the outfits to bring. The second important thing is the hands. Very visible in photos of pregnancy. So make sure you get a nice manicure (same for the man!). Then in terms of hair, keep it simple.

 A simple brushing will suffice. Also provide an elastic band or a hair clip if you have long hair. Finally makeup. A light make-up is welcome. A fresh complexion, a little mascara, why not a pretty lipstick … stay yourself.

Remember to hydrate your skin and depilate yourself (yes! ^^).


The prices of the photographers vary widely for various reasons. The first is probably experience and fame, then it can depend on the situation of the studio and for sure the many hours of work that you do not see, before and after your shooting…

What is important in all of this is to work at heart because we do not go every day to the photographer and more rarely still to immortalize her pregnancy . It certainly has a cost that remains high, but it all depends above all on the value you want to give to these memories. It is a subjective question specific to each. If however, you think you are on the right budget level to offer you the services of the photographer of your dreams, why not have your photo shoot offered by your loved ones or during your baby shower! Remember that these photos will stay a lifetime!


Let us now turn to an angry subject. Let’s talk little, let’s speak frank! We are not all equal in relation to weight gain in general and we unfortunately do not depart from this rule during pregnancy. 

Ditto for the lack of elasticity of the skin and the appearance of stretch marks . If I talk about it, it’s obviously to reassure you! Your photographer is an image specialist . He will listen to you, put you at ease and make you pose in such and such a way, to put your strengths forward and hide your complexes , if you have them.

A good photographer will mainly work on all of this. Of course, there are retouching software, such as Photoshop , which for me should be used sparingly to blend out a few things that might bother you.

The goal is that these photos represent YOU at this important time in your life. During the session, talk to your photographer to tell him what you don’t like.

In addition, a photographer specializing in the photo of pregnant woman, knows the evils of pregnancy. He will be able to anticipate certain questions or situations and you will quickly feel confident. We are above all passionate and we love our job above all.

To conclude, a good Ontario best pregnancy photographer in 2020 pampers his clients because he always keeps in mind that it is them who allow him to be able to continue to live from his passion! 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to read this article! I hope it will be useful for your photo project. If you liked it, I invite you to share it on your facebook page or other social networks 🙂

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