Maternity Photographer Toronto 2020: 10 pro tips for Baby Photography

1- Newborn Photographer, Maternity Photography Toronto: Choose the moment

This advice about Maternity Photographer in Toronto may seem stupid. But often we want to make a photo so much that we forget the simple and obvious little things.

From birth babies have their own rhythm; there are times when they are calmer than others. Where sleep is heavier. And especially where we can be more calm.

Let the Maternity Photographer in Toronto know that you want to take a few photos and that you would like some peace and quiet.

The ideal is often around 11am when they served the meal and the baby took his bottle Baby has been awake for various treatments and you should be able to get several hours of good sleep.

Well until 3 p.m. before family visits begin.

2 – Prepare the bed, bring a nice plaid to hide the maternity sheets

Take a few minutes to observe your surroundings.

Removed all superfluous things that can catch the eye on the photo the ideal being to see only the plaid and your beautiful newborn

3-how to know that baby sleeps deeply enough? Newborn Photographer, Maternity Photography Toronto:

Try opening her hand a little, If it is very soft and flexible. Without showing resistance it is time

4 – Find the right angle: Newborn Photographer, Maternity Photography Toronto:

The photo of a newborn baby is a portrait and like any portrait photo. There are more advantageous angles than others.

The angle taken from below with a view looking down on the nostrils is not flattering for anyone.

Face the baby at his level. It is often a safe bet. If you don’t know try to hire Maternity Photographer in Toronto.

5- light: Newborn Photographer, Maternity Photography Toronto:

In maternity you don’t come with your portable studio in your suitcase.

Fortunately natural light is there.

Every hour in its light, I could tell you about the hours. But the most important thing is to find a soft light. Install a white curtain at the window Find a corner in the room where the light is not direct but “diffused” This avoids having unsightly shadows on your baby’s face.

How do I know about the shadows, I’m not a photographer?

Well take 5 minutes to observe your baby. Does his acne come out strong where you put it?

Are its small folds very marked? If the answer is yes, add an additional white veil.

6- The camera: Newborn Photographer, Maternity Photography Toronto:

Nowadays everyone has a reflex or a Bridge. So we leave the automatic mode for the semi automatic mode, you will choose priority on opening

 And the device will choose the speed and the ISOs itself. This will give you softer images

7 – The development: Newborn Photographer, Maternity Photography Toronto:

You see this little rectangle in the viewfinder. He is called collimator and he is your friend ^^

Always place it on your baby’s eye. And you will tell me news about the quality of your photos 

8- click again and again

  • Dare to take photos again and again
  • Take all angles in photos
  • Change your baby from the light
  • And watch the result every time
  • You will see, you will end up having photos Whouhaou

9 – have fun: Newborn Photographer, Maternity Photography Toronto:

When you enjoy doing something it always changes the result and it improves the memory.  And the memory of a photo always begins when we create it. So have fun

10 – Photo editing: Newborn Photographer, Maternity Photography Toronto:

Photo editing with Maternity Photographer in Toronto is like all good things. A little is great, too much is disgusting. Once at home, you can use small editing software like GIMP for example. But take it easy. The best part of a birth photo remains the naturalness of the moment.

Small folds, small buttons and others, informs you that your baby has just been born and it is beautiful like that.  By trying to smooth it too much, a baby loses all its magic.

So dare to be natural for an exceptional photo 🙂

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