7 Newborn Baby Photography Secrets (baby Photography ideas 2020)

The photo of a newborn baby , from birth to 1 month , is a very special practice in child photography .
At first glance, it may seem very simple since this little piece does not move or very little and it does not leak, does not balk at the sight of your camera .

And yet, we will see in this article, making the photo of a newborn baby requires great attention and patience in all tests .

Photographing these first moments in our world is an immense privilege.
You will be able to capture the amazement of the parents, his very first movements, his very first facial expressions which make all the salt of the first days of his life.

1- Security as the only security!

Photographing these first moments in our world is an immense privilege.
You will be able to capture the amazement of the parents, his very first movements, his very first facial expressions which make all the salt of the first days of his life.

A newborn baby is fragile , very fragile and no matter which photo you want to take, it should never be taken without total safety of the child.

Some safety rules to remember

Do not leave an infant unattended .

Never be abrupt when handling a newborn baby.

Avoid putting it in very uncomfortable and unnatural positions.

Always have another person with you to intervene . You will be behind your camera, focused on your images and you will not have time to intervene in an emergency. Place this person next to him to keep him safe. I systematically tell parents. “ If you have to intervene for one reason or another, do it even if I’m taking a picture. 

Pay attention to the temperature of the room especially if you take off his clothes.

Never use a flash . The flash light is very powerful and aggressive for the fragile eyes of this little piece. Get as close to a window as possible to use natural light.

2- Get to know him

It is important to know at what time of the day it is the most calm, the most calm.
Generally, morning is the best time for this photo shoot.


But it’s not an absolute rule, you can believe me! 

On the other hand, there are very simple and very effective things that you need to know:

The newborn is very often soothed and calms the full belly and the clean buttocks.

I come back to the temperature of the room. He has just left an environment at 37 ° C that he has known for 9 months, so even a room at 23-24 ° C is a fridge for him. Do not be afraid of overheating the room especially if you undress it.

Use music to soothe it or the famous “white noise” which is really very effective. You will easily find smartphone applications simulating this type of sound.

3- The right positions

Of course, as well as safety, the comfort of the newborn must be one of your priorities .

He spends almost all of his time lying on his back . It is therefore this position that will offer the most comfort and the most natural to your images .

You just have to turn around it to vary the framing, the points of view. You can place yourself above him to have his look, but also on the side to capture his profile.


The other position which will allow you to obtain striking natural images: the arms of his parents !!!

Here too, you will have the possibility of taking very different photos by turning around them, guiding the parents to obtain the best possible natural light or the best framing.
It is also the perfect time to immortalize the emotion that emerges from these exchanges between parents and baby.

Unfortunately, not everything is going as planned. Some babies are much easier models than others. And, what will work with one will not necessarily work with another. Some need to be reassured in the arms of their parents, others like to lie in diapers with a good cozy blanket placed on them …

And for once, it will not be up to you to decide. In this type of photo shoot, the comfort of the baby is an absolute necessity if you want to succeed in your photos.


It is he who will let you know what to do or not. 

4- Simplicity

You have undoubtedly already noticed it in the photos of this article. I never use accessories other than those of his daily life (comforter, pacifier, bottle…) to take the photo of newborn baby.

I like simplicity . I like to highlight his personality , his everyday environment .

And, if you follow me from the start on my blog, you know that I am a fan of natural enhancement.

And, placing a baby right in the middle of a huge floral arrangement is undoubtedly magnificent. But it is the opposite of this natural and authentic side that I look for in my images.
Again, the main subject is the baby and not this flower arrangement which must have taken hours to realize.

That is why, I always favor a neutral decor using a simple blanket or a plain fabric to make my newborn portraits.

You can even play with the texture of the fabric or the surface on which you place the baby. This will allow you to obtain very different renderings by adding contrasting textures.

5- The skin

Before sharing some photo ideas for you, I wanted to come back to the skin treatment for newborn portraits.

This is one of the great difficulties of this exercise. The skin can be mottled, yellow in case of jaundice, covered with very small acne pimples.

There is always the possibility of doing a major photo editing in post-processing. But it takes a great command of software and it is not necessarily given to everyone.

On the other hand, there are some good practices to use from the moment of shooting to obtain a good rendering of the skin:

Take care of your settings to obtain perfect exposure.  Natural light . Choose a natural light source by moving closer to a window for example. The goal is really to get the softest and most flattering light possible. If the sun comes in through the window, don’t hesitate to use the curtain or a white sheet to diffuse this harsh light coming from the sun.

Black and white . It is a very good alternative if the colors are difficult to recover. We don’t always think about it for newborn photos, but black and white works really well. On the other hand, avoid pushing the contrasts too hard to keep the skin soft.

6- Calm, Observation, Listening and Patience

These are the 4 behaviors to adopt absolutely when taking a photo of a child and more particularly of a photo of a newborn baby.
He does not know what is going on, does not understand what you are saying and even less what you are doing.

If you want this photo session to go well, it must take place at HIS RHYTHM and not yours.

Do not say to yourself, “ Well, I have it for 1h30-2h and it’s good. ”. You will quickly become disillusioned. When I do these shootings, I freeze myself for a big half-day or sometimes an entire day.
I have already stayed with my clients for 4-5 hours by taking photos only for 1-2 hours.

The child was not very well, he cried a lot and when we managed to calm him down, I only had 10-15 minutes to take some photos. In this situation, it is essential that you remain relaxed, calm, listening to the child and the parents.

We must speak, exchange with parents to reassure them. They can get annoyed, discouraged from not being able to take the photos because their child cries a lot.
Be reassuring by telling them that you have all the time and that you will take all the time necessary to offer them beautiful photos.

He is the king, the master builder, the director who says “Action !!!”, the chef, the boss… Whatever the cap, you have to listen and respond to these needs.

He is hungry, so feed him and take the opportunity to take some pictures of this moment.
He’s cold, so don’t insist. Dress him up !!!
The diaper is dirty. Change it !!!

It is he who decides the course of the session. It’s up to you to adapt, to turn around him if his sleep is light and you can’t handle it too much.

You have to be ready, on the alert as soon as you have a small opening to take photos.

7- Newborn photo ideas

The portraits, the moments of sharing, of emotion with his parents are obviously of great importance.
But don’t forget all the little details that characterize this newborn. These are the little things that will disappear very quickly and that parents will be happy to remember.

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