10 maternity new born baby photographers’ secrets everyone should read in 2020

10 maternity new born baby photographers’ secrets everyone should read in 2020

Best maternity new born baby photographers Tips for beginners

maternity photography at home ontario 2020

What is maternity photography?

maternity new born baby photographers have become quite popular. It appeals almost every couple and has become a trend to hire famous maternity photographers. For the best visual effect, you have to do your photoshoots in the last stages of the pregnancy.

Maternity photos are usually a way of celebrations about our little champ we are about to greet. So, we express our love for baby by maternity photography.

In ancient days, women feel very shy about their baby bumps in the time of their pregnancy. But now the trend has totally changed. And in recent years women love to secure and capture this very special moment in their lives by the help of maternity new born baby photographers.

What are some important poses for best maternity photography?

Here are some very important and essential poses which every client wants from the maternity new born baby photographers. For best maternity photography you have to follow these wonderful tips in order to get best maternity photos:

  1. Dad with belly
  2. Mom alone
  3. Wardrobe
  4. Accessories and props
  5. Hand and legs
  6. Include older children
  7. Building poses
  8. Remember that all bodies are different
  9. Keep arms and face away from the body
  10. Do not forget to play and having fun

Here we will discuss them in details so that we can have best maternity new born baby photographers

  1. Dad with belly: although new born baby photography just targets the mother. But it does not mean that dad can not have a good time in front of a camera. So, the best pose for dad is that letting him feel like a part of the maternity photography. Dad can pose by standing half behind the mom and place his hands on her lovely baby bump.
  2. Mom alone: never forget to capture mom’s love for her child. Put more focus on her baby bump just tell her to rub the belly and pose to talk her baby.
  3. Wardrobe: choose a best body dresses that are tight in order to highlight the bump during the maternity photography. Try to wear the dresses with belts above because they also help to accentuate the bump. Best wardrobe will give you more chances to add best experience with your maternity new born baby photographers.
  4. Accessories and props: maternity photography can be made the best by the use of some attractive accessories and props also.
  5. Hand and legs: famous maternity photographers use the great tools of hands and legs, because it is all about the belly. So put both of your hands below the bump or just ask the client to rub the belly with deep love.
  6. Include older children: famous maternity photographers also include older children to their photography sessions. Because they add more love and care for their new member of family.
  7. Building poses: best thing about posing the clients is that you can easily built and get many poses without moving your client very much. So, you can take rest by making such poses of your client.
  8. Remember that all the bodies are different: best maternity new born baby photographers must remember that all moms and their bodies are not same. Try to shoot the poses in which your client feels more comfortable.
  9. Keep arms and face away from the body: by keeping the face away from the neck can help your client’s look better. And keeping your arms away from your body and a little bent can shape your body very well,
  10. Do not forget to play and having fun: for a best maternity photography you can ask your client to add little fun. If they are agreed to doing such fun then ask them to dance, walk around and enjoy this moment. Also ask them to talk to each other to show their love and affection for their new born baby photography.

What is the maternity new born baby photographers?

New born baby photography has become a booming profession now a days. For this purpose, you have to get some information about photographers which truly love their job. So, we want to assist you in right direction to capture your best moments of life with a best photographer.

Because it is best and very special time for you and your entire family. So, always appoint a best photographer for maternity photography. Because he provides you the comfort of consistency, quality and safety that will come from a professional. Hence the best maternity new born baby photographers will give you the priceless and rare images which truly will cherish your entire family. 

What should be the point of maternity photos by maternity new born baby photographers?

maternity new born baby photographers should know clearly that it is a time of full happiness. And we want to celebrate our passion and love for each other. The photographer must know that actually you loved to be pregnant and always felt pretty good about your cute baby bumps.

Many parents are now taking part in maternity photography specially during their little one’s first month of life. It is now becoming very common for immature parents to capture their little champ’s best moments of earlier life.

What the reason to hire best maternity new born baby photographers?

newborn baby photography at home ontario 2020

Maternity photography was not so much popular in early ages but time has changed now. And maternity photos are now another way to express the feelings and happiness of the mother to her newly born baby.

 So, you can also be a manager of your maternity photos. And you can do it without any type of worry. Furthermore, there is no need to tip your photographer because he is doing his job with professionally mind set up.  

What are the safety advises for maternity new born baby photographers?

It is the first duty of your bestphotographersthat they should always keep in mind the safety of the new born baby. And it should be their first priority.

Here are 15 safety baby guidelines for a best photographer to keep the new born baby safe at all times:

  • Use an assistant when needed for safety.
  • Make sure your nails are filed smoothly to avoid scratching the baby.
  • Remove all jewelry, including rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.
  • Sanitize your hands constantly throughout the session—not just once but continuously.
  • NEVER leave the baby unattended!
  • When you’re using buckets and baskets, put a ten-pound sandbag weight in the bottom of the bucket.
  • ALWAYS wear a neck strap around your camera when you’re shooting from above.
  • Keep the baby comfortable. During the procedure of posing babies, if they do not like the way you pose the baby, you must change it and never force a pose!
  • NEVER take your eyes off the baby. If you need to look away to talk to the parents, put your hands on the baby. If you want to step away from the new born baby, have parent sit next to the baby or have an assistant.
  • Before attempting advanced poses, your maternity new born baby photographers must get experience with the master basic poses
  • Heat could potentially burn them so do not put the heater too close to new born babies
  • Regulate the heat, and keep babies warm. But babies should not be sweating. If they are sweating, it’s too hot. Be careful the baby does not overheat!
  • Watch for poor circulation. If you see the baby’s feet or hands turn deep red, blue, or purple, you need to readjust the baby or possibly move the baby to a different position.
  • Be aware of the baby’s reflexes. Babies are easily startled, especially when they are in a prop, like a basket or a bowl
  • If the baby feels cool or looks splotchy, your maternity new born baby photographers should warm up the baby immediately by wrapping or placing a blanket over the baby.

What are the best 4 things which every maternity photographer should know?

maternity new born baby photographers

Everyone can plan and shoot by a camera, but new born baby photography is quite unique job. It is a very different from a family photography. Your clients are expecting from you to deliver some unique and glorious photos full of joy and happiness. Hence this is a great responsibility.

So, the best photographers should always know 4 important things in order to get a successful maternity photography. Before you start the best maternity photography, you must know the following things to become the best maternity new born baby photographers:

  1. Know posing techniques (you must learn techniques that how could you pose a woman who is pregnant. So, you have to imagine that they are just rocking with their baby bump and grab the look into your studio)
  2. Know the basic body types for an optimal portrait session (if you have knowledge about the very basic female shapes then you can easily understand that how you can portrait your client very well.)
  3. know how to dress your client for beautiful maternity shots (some of the clients want to pose in a maternity gown, some of the clients want to pose with a bare belly and some of them just want to pose with some different dress. So, you have to get knowledge to dress up your client for beautiful shots)
  4. Know how give direction to capture special moments (don’t feel shy during a maternity photography. If you do so you cannot be the best maternity new born baby photographers. You are actually doing a job and you must know the likes and comforts of your clients. So, make them more comfortable with you in studio. you will actually can capture the special moments by giving the right direction)

Top 5 new born baby photographers in the world

Here is a detail list of top 5 famous new born baby photographers:

  1. Anne Geddes.
  2. Sandy Puc. …
  3. Erin Elizabeth Hoskins. …
  4. Ana Brandt. …
  5. Shannon Leigh (she was a preschool teacher and now she is a nationally honored newborn photographer. Shannon Leigh has more than determined her love of small children.)


Hence new born baby photography could be more difficult and more challenging in compare to other photography. But maternity photos totally worth it. It is a wonderful experience for all famous maternity new born baby photographers.

Because they capture the love and hope from the baby and also from its entire family. Although it is more challenging but amuse you like never before. Never forget the best body shapes and try to give the best experience to your client. Always keep in mind that the most important and essential rule of baby photography is safety first.

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